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Lifestyle photographer based in South Coast Massachusetts.  MOJAPHOTO Photography is a portrait photographer with a whimsical flair.  She specializes in beach, Cape Cod, and lifestyle photography.  Educated in Boston in portrait and editorial photography, Mojaphoto is the top choice for portrait, baby, family, and senior portrait photography. 

Family session, Wareham, Massachusetts


lifestyle photography, family portraits, childrens portraits, beach photography


Family session, Wareham, Massachusetts

Melissa Sepulveda

Wareham, Ma.

 We walked from the summer rental home through a meadow that opened up to a beautiful serene beach.  (We really did.  As I read this, it sounds like the first line of a summer book) The walk to the beach was probably about 5 minutes at a nice leisurely stroll.  It took us about 15 minutes for our walk, with stops to look at treasures of stick, and stones, and the occasional question from this small little person.  "Do you have children?"...."Yes, I do...I have two!"...."Where are they?"..."They are at home with their Dad"..."Why didn't they come?".  Right there, we were friends.  He included me in their walk.  That is something that I cannot capture.  I cannot teach, I cannot explain.  It is a beautiful moment connecting with someone who wont lie, won't pretend, and won't give you anything they don't want to share, and he gave me the gift of his friendship.   When we arrived at the beach, the light was just magnificent, radiating blues and purples and the family was relaxed.  Everyone had fun.  I think I had the most.  I am in awe at the amazing people I get to meet and the places I am privileged to see and capture.  It can often feel like a guilty pleasure.  This was a night that I had wished would linger for hours in this amazing light.  This amazing moment.  This moment of pure Zen in what I do and who I am.