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Lifestyle photographer based in South Coast Massachusetts.  MOJAPHOTO Photography is a portrait photographer with a whimsical flair.  She specializes in beach, Cape Cod, and lifestyle photography.  Educated in Boston in portrait and editorial photography, Mojaphoto is the top choice for portrait, baby, family, and senior portrait photography. 


lifestyle photography, family portraits, childrens portraits, beach photography


Child portrait, Marion, Massachusetts

Melissa Sepulveda

Marion, Massachusetts

This kid.  She had just turned into a big sister and her mom called me and said, "We've been paying so much attention to our new little family of four that I want her to feel special." Going from one child to two is life changing.  With your first child, all your love and focus is primarily on their needs and wants.  Your time is given solely to them.  When you have your second, you realize that your love isn't divided.  It has grown bigger than you can imagine.  And if you're lucky enough, you capture that precious moment in time.  I quickly responded with "Let me grab my camera...come meet me.  I know exactly where to capture her!"  What a fabulous idea.  We met for a session to highlight this beautiful girl as she was in this incredible moment in her life.  Happy, excited, glowing, and independent.  A perfect role model as a big sis.