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Lifestyle photographer based in South Coast Massachusetts.  MOJAPHOTO Photography is a portrait photographer with a whimsical flair.  She specializes in beach, Cape Cod, and lifestyle photography.  Educated in Boston in portrait and editorial photography, Mojaphoto is the top choice for portrait, baby, family, and senior portrait photography. 


lifestyle photography, family portraits, childrens portraits, beach photography


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South Coast, Massachusetts

Melissa Sepulveda

No Sunshine?

South Coast, Massachusetts

I am usually known for my photographs with bright, happy sunshine.  It is not uncommon to find this in my sessions because of my intense obsession with light and my camera.  This obsession started when I was quite young as I would sit under a tree that was planted just for me in my front yard.  The Oak tree boasts beautiful golden leaves in the fall and the light that comes through those leaves when laying underneath is glowing, special, magical light that transports me.  Anyway, this session does NOT show my obsession with light.  However, it does show my absolute love of my photography and children.  I still get to connect to my inner child even in fog.  It still makes me feel magical.