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Lifestyle photographer based in South Coast Massachusetts.  MOJAPHOTO Photography is a portrait photographer with a whimsical flair.  She specializes in beach, Cape Cod, and lifestyle photography.  Educated in Boston in portrait and editorial photography, Mojaphoto is the top choice for portrait, baby, family, and senior portrait photography. 


lifestyle photography, family portraits, childrens portraits, beach photography


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Melissa Sepulveda

We made it!  Spring has arrived and I for one am thrilled to see it here.  With a New England winter safely behind me, I can breathe easy and welcome the spring air with open arms.  That means the golden time (summer) is getting closer and closer.  Warm summer winds, long lazy days (ok, I know we don't have time to be lazy), and relaxed smiles are sure to follow.  Let's capture all of that together this summer.  I can't wait to see you!

Summer went by too fast

Melissa Sepulveda

Longing for summer to stay

The beautiful sunlight came galloping along like a night in shining armor.  Saving me from the bitter winter winds and the brown and grey of spring.  It has left just as quickly, but I have not left it.  You will still find me on the beach, photographing happy smiling families until the bitter cold sets in and longing begins again.

Summer Sessions

Melissa Sepulveda

Summer Sessions

South Coast, Massachusetts

Summer sessions are so gratifying for me.  I go, meet up with a family, (this one I meet every year) and the sessions unfold.  No two sessions are alike, no two families are alike, and no two results are alike, yet they all seem to have one thing in common.  JOY.  Joy within my clients; joy within my job (if I can even call it a job); joy within myself that shines through my lens.  Come shine your joy at me and I will do the same to you.  Happy summer!